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Fisheries supervision

Our volunteer work at the lake

A total of 8 fisheries supervisors work on behalf of the nature park on a voluntary basis at the Edersee and Affolderner See.

The main task of the fishery supervisors is to check whether all anglers adhere to the fishing regulations and fishing license conditions. The fisheries supervisor is on the shore as well as by boat.

Since we, as a nature park, hold fishing rights, our fisheries supervisors are allowed to ask for your valid fishing license and ID and check your catch and fishing gear. The focus is always on protecting and preserving fish stocks.

Every five years, the volunteer supervisors complete training at the Higher Fisheries Authority.

Control powers

The persons officially obliged to supervise fisheries are authorized...

  • to determine the identity of people

  • to demand that the fishing licenses or permits be handed over for examination

  • to control and ensure the fishing gear and catch if there is suspicion of a violation of legal regulations

  • Monitor and control stocking activities and community fishing

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