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Arche region Kellerwald

Welcome to Hesse's first Arche region!

In the Arche region near Frankenau, rare and endangered domestic animal breeds are preserved, protected and bred. Discover the animals on the Ark Trail and in the Culture Ark.

The “Arche Region” award is given by the “Society for the Preservation of Old and Endangered Domestic Animal Breeds”. V.” awarded. There are now over 50 different Red List species around Frankenau. Sheep, goats, horses and cows are used by local farmers to maintain the species-rich grassland. Along the Ark Path The vivid animals can be admired, especially in the summer months. The freely accessible one-room exhibition “Culture Ark“ conveys connections between land use, nutrition and biodiversity in a child-friendly way.



Discover the special features
the Arche region


Arche-Region Kellerwald, Frankenau and surroundings eV
Höhenstrasse 37
35110 Frankenau

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