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The animals of the Arche region

Endangered breeds of domestic animals

When is an animal species or breed endangered or threatened with extinction?

The "Society for the preservation of old and endangered domestic animal breeds(GEH for short) was founded in 1981 by animal breeding scientists and biologists. Every year it publishes a red list of endangered and rare farm animal breeds. To assess the endangerment status, the number of existing breeding animals, the conservation potential and the development of the last few years are taken into account.


"Many people know that wild plants and wild animals are dying out, but few are aware that something similar is happening in agriculture, right next door, with cultivated plants and livestock breeds.  
A few high-performance varieties and breeds produce the food of humanity today. And at the same time, a breed of livestock dies out every two weeks - that is, a breed that is adapted to the climate and location, a genetic heritage and a cultural asset at the same time.

 - GO

Breed list

The animals listed are currently kept in the Arche region. Clicking on the breed will take you to the GEH breed descriptions.

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