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About the association

Arche-Region Kellerwald, Frankenau and surroundings eV

Creation of the Arche region

The Arche region was created during the major nature conservation project Kellerwald Region. One focus of the project was the preservation and promotion of grassland that is valuable in terms of nature conservation, especially south and east of Frankenau. There have been various nature conservation initiatives since the 1990s.

During the project, the nature park purchased over 100 hectares of grassland as part of the land consolidation process, which has been extensively managed since then. Since then, the application of fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides has been prohibited on public areas in the project area. Specified mowing and grazing periods also enable the preservation of rare habitats such as poor grasslands and their species. Grazing with the hardy old breeds of domestic animals by local farmers fit well with the concept.

A total of 7 farms agreed to keep at least three different breeds. This means that the requirements for the Arche Region award in 2014 were met.

The Arche-Region Kellerwald, Frankenau and surrounding area association

The association was founded in 2013 and consists of committed people who have set themselves the goal of “promoting ancient domestic animal breeds and cultivated plants as well as the development of the diverse cultural landscape.”

Its members work on a voluntary basis and thus form the heart of the Arche region.

The club and its members...

  • ...are primarily responsible for organizing the Arche Day, which takes place every two years

  • ...have made a significant contribution to financing the Arche ship and are taking care of its maintenance

  • …often keep pet breeds that are threatened with extinction and are dedicated breeders

  • ...organize and regularly help with “cleaning activities”, the construction of stables and fences and maintenance work on, for example, hedges

  • ...contribute to the networking of farmers and animal owners

  • ...advice on keeping old breeds of domestic animals

  • ...works with the city of Frankenau and the Kellerwald-Edersee Nature Park to further develop the Arche region

  • ...Supports the nature park in maintaining and marking the Arche Trail


Arche-Region Kellerwald, Frankenau and surroundings eV
Höhenstrasse 37
35110 Frankenau

Collaboration with organizations

In addition to the Arche Club, the “Association for pedigree poultry breeding, animal and nature conservation of Frankenau and the surrounding area" an important role. Poultry can be bred in the club's own facility. In the outdoor area you can admire very unusual and rare chickens and geese.

The City of Frankenau finances the additional costs for the Arche ship. Mayor Manuel Steiner has been the first chairman of the Arche Association since 2023.

The Waldeck-Frankenberg Landscape Conservation Association is available to farmers on site to provide specialist advice on grassland management and carries out maintenance measures.

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