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Nature park daycare centers

“Nature Park Daycare” – what is that?

In no other phase of life do people learn as quickly as in the first few years. Especially in the first years of life, children learn more through independent experiences such as touching, tasting and trying things out. Encounters with nature raise many questions: Where does the earthworm live? How does my food get to the plate? Can plants and animals be my friends? Am I part of nature? Due to their natural diversity and their wide range of tasks, nature parks offer an attractive experience and education location for kindergartens.

- Association of German Nature Parks

Nature Park Daycare

in the Kellerwald-Edersee Nature Park

Initial contacts with interested daycare centers in the region have been in place since 2022 in order to carry out the educational measures required by the Association of German Nature Parks. The aim of the measures is to certify and award the daycare center as a "Nature Park Daycare Center". The educational programs are provided by Nature park guides (certified nature and landscape guides) and on various content in the area around the daycare center and other locations.

The following programs are currently being implemented (selection):

  • The soil is alive! Anywhere in nature? (alternatively: the forest floor is alive!)

  • Always follow your nose – the small world of insects

  • Buds? - What is happening to the trees and bushes?

The content of the programs is adapted to the children's level of knowledge and is constantly updated. Requests from daycare staff will also be taken into account.

There are other bookable group offers as part of environmental education here.




Our first nature park daycare centers:

Evangelical Kindergartens Müden and Immighausen

In the summer of 2024, our first two nature park daycare centers were certified. Over a period of about two years, various activities and projects were carried out with the children and the educators and a concept was developed. Nature and environmental topics became an integral part of everyday daycare life.


Is this also something for the daycare center I work at or run?

We will then be happy to provide information materials and price lists, either digitally or in print, as desired. If you are interested, we are also happy to be available personally and come to the school to inform you about the project. Of course, we also welcome interested parties in our office.


How much does it cost for my daycare?

Our nature park guides work on a voluntary basis and receive compensation for their work. For this reason, our programs are chargeable, but we grant discounts as part of the project so that the events can be offered at a reasonable price.

We look forward to receiving calls to make an appointment!

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