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The special purpose association

The Kellerwald-Edersee Nature Park is a special purpose association. But what does that actually mean?

An association of municipalities and districts

The Kellerwald-Edersee Nature Park Association was founded in 2001.

A special-purpose association is, as the name almost suggests, an association for the purpose of jointly fulfilling certain tasks. Often it is also done by one intercommunal cooperation spoken because several municipalities are involved.

In the case of the Kellerwald-Edersee Nature Park, the special purpose association consists of 11 communities or cities, two districts and the Region Kellerwald-Edersee eV association

The two most important organs of the ZV Nature Park are the Association board and the Association meeting. All organizational matters are in the Association statutes established.

The image shows a map with the 11 municipalities involved in the association and the location of the protected area within it. Also shown is the national park in the middle of the image© Naturpark Kellerwald-Edersee
Nature park area with communities

Association board

The 11 mayors of the municipalities, two representatives of the two districts and one member of the association form the association's board. Every 5 years, at the beginning of a new electoral period, a new chairman and two deputies are elected by the association's board. He has been district administrator since February 2022 Jürgen van der Horst Chairman. His deputies are the two mayors Klaus Gier (Edertal) and Heiko Manz (Jesberg).

The association board meets approximately four times a year for board meetings. In these meetings, current tasks are discussed and important decisions are made.


Association meeting

At the beginning of each electoral period, each municipality and each district appoints a representative and a deputy who are sent to the association assembly. Here too, a chairman is elected at the beginning of the electoral period. Current is Claudia Ravensburg (LK Waldeck-Frankenberg) Chairwoman of the meeting and Martin Dippel (LK Schwalm-Eder) deputy.

The meetings usually take place once a year.

In contrast to the board, the association meeting can decide on: changes to the statutes, determination of budget plans, admission and departure of association members, determination of the association levy as well as budgetary and financial matters.


Board members and organizational chart

More about the special purpose association

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