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Kellerwald region


With the “Funding program for the establishment and protection of protected parts of nature and landscape with nationally representative significance”, the federal government participates in nature conservation projects that demonstrate the commitment to nature conservation in Germany in an exemplary international comparison.

In the Kellerwald-Edersee Nature Park, unique landscape elements with a diverse range of flora and fauna are to be preserved for our posterity. To ensure sustainable protection, the nature conservation measures will be placed in a context of environmentally friendly, integrated regional development and gentle, tourist development. Since the start of the project, they have contributed to the creation of value in the region.


The overarching goals of the major nature conservation project are...

  • ... permanently securing the species and habitat potential of the entire area as a contribution to the preservation of biological diversity in Germany. Securing and developing the particularly valuable habitat complexes in the project area

  • ... Preservation and development of a large-scale, functional biotope network in the nature park in connection with the national park and NATURA 2000 areas

  • ... Securing and developing the functions of the natural balance of a typical beech forest region

  • ... exemplary, nature conservation-friendly forest developments on differentiated locations with sufficient area size

  • ... Improving the ecological quality of water bodies and their floodplains by allowing natural development processes and implementing targeted measures for water development

  • ... preservation and development of valuable grassland stocks in open areas and in forest meadow valleys

  • ... Development of an exemplary interaction between nature conservation and relevant users such as agriculture, forestry and water management, recreation, etc

  • ... Development of a nature conservation-friendly management concept for the open area with the respective land users

  • ... nature conservation optimization of grassland management, extensification while eliminating or reducing fertilization, liming and the use of plant treatment products.

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