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Major nature conservation project Kellerwald

The major nature conservation project is intended not only to protect and promote certain species and habitats, but also to make them accessible to people. Therefore, regular newsletters reported on the progress of the project.


In the core area “High cellar“We agreed with everyone involved to concentrate visitors on a selection of signposted (circular) hiking trails. This access via two hiking car parks with corresponding information boards is intended to help calm the rest of the forest area. Along the paths, especially in the ridge area, there are further boards providing information about the rare species and biotopes, as well as along the hiking trail “wildly romantic Urfftal" along the Urff. Just below the Wüstegarten summit, an approximately 800 m long Moor path created through a moor area that integrates well into the existing hiking trail structure.


For a mobile information work were instead of the originally planned information pavilions three construction trailers (Two cellar forest wagons and a shepherd's wagon) made of wood were purchased, which are used intensively at festivals and trade fairs. Two of the wagons are freely accessible and can be placed at various locations in the nature park and suitable project locations. In the "Shepherd's wagon“, information about sheep farming and its historical significance for nature conservation is also presented in a book.




At the nuclear Archeregion Frankenau as part of the core area "Frankenau and Wesetal“ were in cooperation with the “Archeverein Frankenau“ two circular hiking trails, “Ark Paths“, which represent the importance of open-land biotopes and the preservation of old domestic animal breeds to which the region is dedicated. With a clear folding map of the Archeregion and additional boards along the way, the paths can be experienced independently. In the freely accessible, child-friendly one-room exhibition, the so-called “Culture Ark“, which was built in cooperation with the Archeverein and the city of Frankenau, visitors can obtain further information about extensive grassland management and old livestock species.



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