Major nature conservation project

A journey through time

Phase I

Development of a care and development plan (PEPL) and a socio-economic study

The maintenance and development plan (PEPL) is used to develop nature conservation measures that will be implemented in phase II of the major nature conservation project.

The content of the PEPL is the survey of the current status in the project core areas via comprehensive biotope mapping as well as surveys on selected indicators (including birds, bats, butterflies, mushrooms, mosses, etc.). Based on these surveys, different values, impairments, development potential and concrete measures with priorities for implementation were developed for the individual areas in the project core areas.

A socio-economic study was carried out to accompany the care and development plan. It shows the effects, opportunities and risks of the large-scale nature conservation project for people and nature in the region. The planned nature conservation measures should also be placed in the context of environmentally friendly, integrated regional development and gentle tourism development in order to ensure sustainable protection. They should contribute to the creation of value in the region.

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Start of Phase II

Implementation of the PEPL

At the end of 2009, the implementation of a selection of the measures proposed in the PEPL was approved. Nature conservation measures are to be implemented in 52 areas, so-called complexes of measures, over the next few years, accompanied by extensive public relations work.

Extension of the project duration by 3 years until the end of 2018

End of Phase II

Balance sheet and end of project funding

With the completion of the funding, an assessment was made of which goals had been achieved and which measures had been implemented. You can find details about the measures here.

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Phase III

Long-term securing of results

The Kellerwald-Edersee Nature Park, together with the state of Hesse, is responsible for securing the goals of the large-scale nature conservation project in the long term (at least 30 years). Various (nature conservation) authorities and institutions work together to continue to implement nature conservation measures in the range of measures. Regular external evaluations ensure that what has been achieved is maintained.


In addition to the practically oriented information work in the outdoor area, such as the creation of adventure trails, visits to festivals with the Shepherd and Kellerwald wagons and the exhibition in the Arche ship, there are various information flyers and brochures. Regular newsletters provided national information on the status of the project. The project homepage, two mobile information columns and a project-accompanying documentary film provide a good general overview.

Further data can be requested from specialist partners at the office of the Kellerwald-Edersee Nature Park Association.

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