Regional development

Nature park as a carrier of regional development

With its projects such as the further development of the Arche region, the establishment of the Hiking Germany quality region or the large-scale nature conservation project, the nature park contributes to an active and livable region. In addition, the region is once again recognized as a LEADER area for the period 2023-2027 under the sponsorship of our regional development.

Apply for project funding

How it works:

  • Get project advice from the regional manager (Which funding program is right for my project?)

  • Submit a project application (forms are available below)

  • Follow-up processing of the documents and, if necessary, consultation with the regional manager

  • The board of the Kellerwald-Edersee Region Association decides on funding

  • Permission is granted

  • Project implementation can begin

  • Billing and submission of proof of use (invoices, previously obtained offers, factual report, ...)

  • Payment of the funding amount

Kellerwald Edersee Region e. v.


The association's task is to promote integrated, ecologically oriented and economically strengthening regional development.

In detail these are:

  • Development, collection and discussion of project ideas
  • Project consulting and support
  • Development of development strategies for the region
  • Building cooperation networks
  • Public relations in the spirit of regional development


Members and committees


Members of the association include all towns and communities in the region as well as the districts of Waldeck-Frankenberg and Schwalm-Eder. Also associations, clubs, initiatives and interested individuals.

Supporting members

Since 1998, the development group has also been in close contact with business, trade and commerce. For an annual funding contribution, the use of the Kellerwald logo on envelopes, promotional items and newspaper advertisements is available.


The Members Assembly advises and approves the association's budget and elects the association's board of directors.

© Region Kellerwald-Edersee e.V.

The Board of Directors works as LEADER decision-making body. He advises on projects submitted and the allocation of funding according to LEADER as well as on regional development strategies and the region's mission statements.

In the working groups Project ideas are discussed in the region and mission statements are developed. The development group and project sponsors receive technical advice from the Specialist services for village and regional development of the districts Waldeck-Frankenberg and Schwalm-Eder.


to the regional management & Kellerwaldverein

Luke Dörrie

Regional Manager & Managing Director Kellerwaldverein

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