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Kellerwaldsteig - really let your soul dangle

At a glance

  • Start: Frankenau, “Kellerwaldhalle” hiking car park
  • Goal: Frankenau, “Kellerwaldhalle” hiking car park
  • medium
  • 169,25 km
  • 1 day 23 hours 35 minutes
  • 3602 m
  • 670 m
  • 204 m
  • 80 / 100
  • 60 / 100

Best Season

The Kellerwaldsteig aims to bring hikers closer to the varied and unique beauty of the Kellerwald-Edersee nature and national park.

All of the sights in the almost 600 square kilometer nature park and the centrally located Kellerwald-Edersee National Park are on the hiking route. Under the motto: "Let your soul really unwind", you can recharge your batteries for everyday life in the mild low mountain climate. Experience the Edersee with its clean and clear water, the rustic stunted forests in the north, the huge beech trees in the national park, idyllic villages with inviting country inns and, especially in the south, the forests, fields and meadows that are so popular with hikers.

There is a hiking pass with ten stations along the Kellerwaldsteig where you can collect a motif for the pass and a geocache. As a reward you will receive a unique hiking coin or a travel bug! >>>Hiking pass information<<

path coverings

  • Unknown (3%)
  • Street (2%)
  • Asphalt (5%)
  • gravel (57%)
  • hiking trail (27%)
  • Path (5%)


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