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Our trekking places

Spend the night in nature

Spend the night at our trekking sites and enjoy - listen to the sounds of the forest, look at the sky through the treetops and maybe even spot a wild animal or two...

A highlight of the region


Trekking places in Germany have become increasingly popular in recent years. Trekking sites allow you to spend the night in the great outdoors in a limited area. In doing so, they enable a unique, legal nature experience, help bridge the gap between a lack of accommodation and reduce wild camping.

Three trekking sites were established in the Kellerwald-Edersee Nature Park in 2021 in cooperation with the city of Lichtenfels.

The trekking site season starts on April 1st and ends on October 31st.



What is special about our trekking sites?

Our trekking sites Aartal, Nuhnetal and Fürstenberg are located in remote places along the Lichtenfels panorama trail (68km). They offer the perfect opportunity for overnight stays between daily stages.

In addition to space for setting up a maximum of three 2-person tents, the sites are characterized by other elements: two of the three trekking sites are equipped with spacious covered seating. All pitches are equipped with a composting toilet and have stone slabs for safely setting up gas or alcohol stoves.

Online booking

The essentials in brief:

  • Each trekking site can be booked for 3 small tents (1-3 people) or for 2 larger tents (3+ people).

  • If you want to have a trekking site all to yourself, three tents must be booked.

  • Booking a trekking site on two consecutive days is not permitted.

  • In our booking tool you always book an overnight stay on the day of arrival. This means: Your overnight stay is planned for the 15th to the 16th, so you book the 15th (00:00 a.m.)

  • At our Nuhnetal trekking site you can also spend the night on the adjacent meadow if the designated area is too uneven for you.

  • Attention: After completing the booking, you will receive a confirmation email. Attached to the email you will find a PDF information sheet with the toilet code and a PDF map with the coordinates (check your spam folder!). Please check immediately whether you have received everything and contact us early if there are any problems.

  • The location data may not be passed on or published!

  • Information about cancellations or rebookings can be found in the terms and conditions.

  • If you have any questions, we are of course available to you on Tel. 05621 969460.

Where can I find the trekking places?

We deliberately do not make the exact location data of our trekking sites publicly available. The reason for this is that we want to protect the trekking sites from vandalism as much as possible and at the same time avoid major disturbances in the forest.

After your booking you will receive in the attachment to your booking confirmation an information sheet with the toilet code and one detailed map with coordinates.

The location data may not be published or passed on!

This Map gives you an initial overview of the location of the trekking places.



Entry options and stages

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If you are traveling by car, we recommend using the as an entry option Lichtenfels Panorama Trail one of our hiking parking spaces. If you arrive by train, we recommend the Herzhausen National Park Station as a starting point.

In the following overview you can see the respective distances on the Lichtenfels Panorama Trail from the starting points to the next trekking site:

Starting points/trekking places Fürstenberg Nuhnetal Aartal
Herzhausen National Park Station approx. 3,0 km (access via Kellerwaldsteig) approx. 23,5 km (access via Kellerwaldsteig) approx. 20,5 km (access via circular route 2)
Hiking car park “Gate to the Kellerwald” about 0,7 km about 20 km about 17 km
“Nuhnetal” hiking car park about 20,5 km approx. 1,5 km (access via circular route 2) approx. 17 km (access via circular route 1)
“Aarmuhle” hiking car park about 17 km about 28 km about 3,5 km
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Tips and advice for your overnight stay

  • Lighting fires is not allowed - danger of forest fires! The use of, for example, gas or alcohol stoves on the stone slabs provided is OK.

  • For an overnight stay you will need everything you would otherwise pack for a night of camping (tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, warm clothing, water and food).

  • Small bags in which you can take leftover food or packaging waste with you and dispose of it in the nearest garbage can are also helpful.

  • There are raccoons in Lichtenfels! Food should therefore be stored safely.

  • Bring your own toilet paper.

  • The Lichtenfels Panorama Trail leads along the Orke, Nuhne and Aar rivers. This water should not be drunk (sewage treatment plants, agriculture). We recommend asking to have your drinking bottles refilled in the towns. Small amounts of water can also be bottled at the cemeteries in all locations.

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